Fish playing in the current caused by Wave2k.
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Surface action being broken by Wave2k.
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NEW! Installation and assembly instructional video for Wave2K (Requires Quicktime)
Assembly out of tank
Assembly inside of tank

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often will I have to clean the machine? Won't algae clog the Wave2K over time?
The machine itself is self-cleaning because of the way the internal moving parts operate. The plunger fits on the screw shaft, which keeps the shaft clean as it travels through its cycle. Also, because the container is black, algae won't receive sufficient light to grow within.
Q. Will the Wave2k be able to mount to an acrylic tank?
We will supply a template for acrylic tanks.
Q. How many units will I need for my size tank?
Refer to the flowchart page on this site. We also offer special consultation for custom units to fit your tank needs. In Atlanta, call (770)263-6060 and ask for Jody, fax us at (770)263-0666, or E-mail us at:

Q. How noisy is the machine inside an aquarium?
The operation of the machine is silent.
Q. How much heat is generated by the machine and/or motor?
The machine itself will create no heat in the water. The motor outside of the tank will not produce a significant amount of heat in the water or in the air of the room, reducing the need for a chiller.

The Wave 2K was developed to give the marine hobbyist, for the first time, total water movement. The circulation created from our machine, as in the ocean, cycles between forward water motion (wave in) and the action of that wave going back out. The Wave 2K forces water out of the top of the machine while pulling a similar volume in the bottom, then it reverses that cycle and forces out of the bottom, while pulling water in the top. This reversing action produces the same chaotic movement as you would see snorkeling in the ocean. Imagine pushing out and pulling in 8.8 gallons during each up and down cycle. Now imagine this taking place every 6 seconds, or ten times a minute, or 600 times per hour! Now imagine actually having a small wave across the top surface of your tank, and the joy of watching those flowing type corals actually moving back and forth just as they do in the wild!

At JOMI Aquatic Products, we have accomplished this, by utilizing an entirely new type of vessel that pushes out the same volume of water as it is taking in at the opposite end; top or bottom. We power this device with a heavy duty AC motor that is thermally protected for long continuous life. The mechanism itself has been designed with such simplicity, that long reliable service is our primary goal. (Patent#6,273,025)


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