Fish playing in the current caused by Wave2k.
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Surface action being broken by Wave2k.
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Assembly out of tank
Assembly inside of tank

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These are testimonials from customers who have purchased our Wave2K product.

I just wanted you to know how much I like Wave2k. I've had my Wave2k for 3 years and I've had very few problems with it. And the maintenance is almost zero. And when I do have a question I get to talk to someone who actually knows what they're talking about (the inventor). It's the only 'wave maker' that I'm aware of that moves water on the top and bottom. All others move water on the same level or angle. And in the long run it is much cheaper to use, because I don't have to buy new pumps or heads or etc. Keep up the good work!!
Greg Dudley

I just wanted to write you guys and tell you how happy I am with my Wave2k. I have had it running for over 2 months now and couldn't be happier with its performance! It does everything its advertised to do. The alternating current it produces does wonders for my tank. My 2 fish even seem to be appreciating it. As they swim through the current, they actually have to exercise and push themselves to make it through. Then as the cycle reverses, the fish get pushed through the water! They love it and spend most of their time in the middle area of my 120 gallon tank pushing and surfing through the currents. I also appreciate the fact that the unit is maintenance free. Not many other current making devices can say that. I also loved your kind and understanding customer service. The help and support I received was 1st class. Keep up the good work.
Philip Vicknair

I want to thank you for your assistance , I installed the unit Saturday and it works great I am impressed with the way the wavemaker moves my anemone back and forth and also how food stays suspended in the water for long periods the wavemaker is a good idea that works well I have tried several types of wave makers (sea swirl, power heads, etc ) but none have moved the water like the wave2k thank you again
Jarmie Flynn

I have been keeping fresh water fish for twenty five years and salt water for about fifteen. When I started keeping salt water fish I went through thousands of dollars with no luck. I decided last year to try again. During my set up I noticed that even with three power heads I was still not getting the right water circulation. My nitrates were staying at around 10ppm. So I considered up grading my main pump and purchasing a Squid. But felt that unless I purchased two or more I still wouldnít get the right water movement. I saw the Wave 2K and decided I would give it a try. I purchased the corner unit. My tank has a deep sand bed of six inches so, initially the unit did not fit. Got in touch with Mike at Wave 2K, he took it back and cut it down for me at no charge and no questions asked. I put the unit in; the set up was rather quick. Soon as it was turned on I could see the difference. This thing moves the water like nothing I have seen before. I have had the unit working now for a year with no problems, except for some baby Nassarius Vibex getting pulled in to the unit, which Mike immediately addressed. Itís a great unit, no more power heads taking up the tank, the motor is external so there is no heat transfer, and itís fairly quiet. Every so often I make some minor adjustments, keep the motor oiled and thatís it. I could not be happier. Every one keeping salt water fish, especially hard corals which need a lot of water movement, should be using this product. It is just amazing to see the wave of water traverse the surface. Which is another thing; because there is a wave of water going across the surface of the tank I was able to remove my surface skimmer. The protein skimmer works so well, I am cleaning it almost every day.
John Narducci
San Diego, CA

To Whom It May Concern:
The Wave2k product is great! I purchased it two months ago and it is definitely the best wave making system Iíve ever had in my tank. The wave2k causes and ebb and flow in the tank that you can clearly see as the corals sway back and forth, truly simulating naturally occurring motion. I recently started keeping sps corals and their polyps move every few seconds as the device pushes and receives water from the column.
As good as the product has been for me, I feel that customer service was even better. Iíve spoken to Mike and he could not have been more helpful.
I would certainly recommend the Wave2k to anyone looking for true water motion in their aquariums.
Kind Regards,
James Steele

Hi there,
I just received my corner unit last week and I love it, great product! However, I am having issues with my sand bed being blown away into dunes going across the aqaurium! I have a 55 gal tank with one corner unit. I read that you have sand baffles to help alleviate this problem. I would love to try them out to see if they fix my problem. Just let me know what I need to do to receive them.
Thank you very much,
Jon Savage

EXCELLENT!! Waves are perfect! Had to rebuild my wobbling Live Rock. More secure and looks better now. I'll take a picture as soon as the water clears up a bit. Perfect fit!! Before I throw the box out can you tell me please if there was one of the caps or covers you told me about in the packaging? Installation was a breeze! Less than 10 minutes.

I have been in the reef hobby for over 15 years and have tried everything to get descent current to my corals and still keep the bottom and rocks stirred to keep the detritus from settling. We've tried powerheads, adjustable loc-line and the sea swirl. Nothing did what we wanted until we tried the Wave2K!!! What an awesome piece of equipment!!! It is so much like the ocean. It gives the corals a nice firm flow and my clams are swaying their mantles in the current and the fish love it too. They enjoy swimming after their food and what they don't "catch" the first time stays suspended so they can still chase after it. In fact, I had to have my Wave2K off for a few days and my fish acted lost without it!! I would recommend the Wave2K to anyone who truly loves their reef or fish tank and want them to feel at home.
Thanks again for the prompt response to our needs!
Dave and Vickie Aschenbrener

OK finally got around to installing two wave2K's in my 250. Just for info my tank is 30 x 30 x 60. I have Euro bracing.
In order to install I used the vertical mount option. Both units were mounted on the rear long wall, equally spaced.
The only short coming are the instructions. They are lacking but Mike is just a phone call away. And he bends over backwards to help.
As they say the proof is in the pudding and this is a very fine system. Most complaints center around noise and the unit does make some but if it is to much, something is not adjusted right.
One unit was perfectly set up and very quiet. About the same noise level as my cooling fans. The other was noisy but adjusts out.
I would give it a 9 out of 10 for value, a 8 out of 10 for instructions and a 10 out of 10 for function. My only complaint about function is that I wish they had a deeper model (maybe 22 inches). Then I would have a 16 inch and a 22 inch to eliminate any voids in coverage.
Just on a side note, after installing both units I blew off all my rock. The units kept everything suspended until my filters could deal with it. Great benefit!
Oh, all of my guys really love the surf with the ebb and flow.
Oh yeah, my bulb/bubble tip anemones immediately (within 30 minutes) started displaying bubbles on their tips which was rare to see prior to installing my wave2k

I contacted you several months ago about your W2K device for my acrylic 100 gallon reef. I was starting it up and need some advice. You were extremely helpful and tolerant of my ignorance. All my questions were answered and the W2K was installed.
My reef tank is now running with the W2K being the primary water mover, along with an OceansMotions SuperSquirt device. The fish love it and I'm sure the corals will too, when I get some additional specimens. Michael, thanks again for your help and advice.
George Haas

Hey Mike thanks again for all your help. Yes its up and running it seems to be doing very well. The flow is awesome fish corals seem to really like it. I must say I am really impressed by this system in fact I posted on Reef Central to follow up a forum on how this unit works so well and you canít beat the price for what you get.. I think I got you a dozen customers cause they are asking lots of questions. I also mentioned how great you were with helping me get this set up, Mike goes a long way. Thanks again. I will keep you posted on everything. Is there anything that I might need or need to do in the near future as far as any replacement of parts? Also I would love to hear about how long you have run one before something went wrong.

I have been using your Wave K2 for 6 months now and have been showing it to my friends in the hobby. It is amazing how much improvement in my SPS polyp expansion occurs while it is running! It is a clever and elegant machine thanks for developing it for the serious reefer. The fish seem to also thrive in the current which seems more realistic and physiologic then the old powerheads switched off and on.
Thanks again.
Richard Lewis, M.D.

As for how the units were performing, I think it is amazing and for the first time in my tank I have the kind of water movement I have always wanted. I have had this reef tank set up for a little over one year and have been experimenting with getting better water movement. But with out a lot of luck, especially not much luck by simply trying to divert the simple return in more directions. I also took out a lot of rock and just kept playing with how I had my return line split off and divided. But now with this unit, and part of it is related to redoing my return to open the back up completely for the two center wave2ks, since I now have the return forced through just 2 openings one at each end of the tank, this too has changed the water flow in my tank dramatically. But your machines provide movement in all areas of the tank and I am really looking forward to seeing how my tank responds over a period of months and as to the durability of these amazing wavemakers over the long run.
Andy Stewart

As for results, this is the first time in quite awhile that my bubble tip has bubble tips. It appears that it really likes the simulated wave action
Things are looking up.
Thanks for your help

The wave action is awesome to watch. I pour some food in and within a minute it's "rolling" through the water column all over the tank.
I'm jealous. Great invention.
Thanks again for your customer support.

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